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The Society of American Magicians annual convention for 2010 has just wrapped up in Atlanta, Georgia. I was very fortunate to have a chance to chat with several magicians in attendance including Kozmo, Levent, Merrit Abrose, Eric Jones, Michael Close, Celeste Evans, Axel Hechlau, Merrit Ambrose, Losander, Bev Bergeron, Eric Decamps, Banachek, Johnny Thompson, Debbie Leifer, Richar "The Cheat" Turner, Sandy Marshall, John Harrison, Arthur Trace, Debbie Leifer, Aldo Columbini, Bill Andrews, Bob Little, The Reed Sisters, and of course the outgoing SAM President Mike Miller and the newly inducted President Mark Weidhaas.  Atlanta was great fun for everyone and thanks to those that I managed to catch in the hallway for a chat! 

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