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If you don't know the name of Jon Racherbaumer, you should either walk away from magic or take  some time to explore his influence on our art form. Jon is one of those guys that managed to connect to some of the greatests names in the modern history of magic including Ed Marlo, Eddie Fields, Orson Welles, and Senator Crandall.  Given the controversies surrounding Blackpool & FISM 2010, it is also interesting to note that he was at one time blackballed by both the IBM & the SAM.  Please join us for Part One of our interview with Jon Racherbaumer and learn more about lesbian bowlers, the "Magic Mafia" and how a good magician becomes controversial.

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In Part Two of my interview with the legendary Jon Racherbaumer, we explore the many influenences on Jon and his passion for magic. Marlo, Vernon, Cardini, Slydini, Chan Canasta, Channing Pollock, Tommy Wonder, John Scarne and more all enter into the conversation. In addition, we discuss 75th anniversary edition of the Jinx that he and Harry Anderson have put together for the October issue of Genii Magazine.

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The Amazing Randi joins us on this episode of the "Spirit of Magic" podcast before appearing as a featured performer at the upcoming 100th Anniversary Salute to Magic show in New York City. Randi began his career as a mentalist and magician before becoming known as a scientific sceptic challenging those who claim to have paranormal abilities. He gained fame in this field after an ongoing feud between himself and Uri Gellar in the mid to late 1970's.  Randi himself rejects the title of "debunker" preferring instead to be seen as an investigator in the field of pseudo-science and is the author of many books on the subjects of the paranormal, skepticism and the history of conjuring. Randi talks with me about his career in these varied fields and about his motivation as a paranormal skeptic.

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Widely credited as the man who was the first magician to mainstream magic on television, Mr. Mark Wilson is our guest on ths edition of the Magic Newswire's "Spirit of Magic" podcast. This is the first of a multi-part interview that we'll be producing with Mark's help exploring his career, thoughts, ideas an philosophies as they relate to magic, both on television and on stage.

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