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My guest on this episode of the "Spirit of Magic" podcast is comedy magician and February 2010 Genii cover-boy Michael Finney. Michael talks about hs unique path to discovering magic as a career and how he developed the personality that works so well for him on stage. Michael also reflects on some of the people that influenced him over the years including Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon, Carl Ballantine, Karrell Fox Johnny Thompson & Billy McComb. If you've ever wondered if a kidnapping could lead to a career in magic, then you'll be very interested in what Michael has to say.

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Wayne Houchin has been creating magic since trying to duplicate the illusions of David Copperfield with cardboard boxes in his family's living room. He went on to stage a straight jacket escape while hanging from a crane in order to promote his first series of shows at the age of sixteen. In 2003, an underground tape of Wayne's original magic was seen by acclaimed mentalist Banachek who immediately recognized Wayne's potential. While consulting for the first season of Criss Angel : Mindfreak, Banachek suggested that Wayne be brough on to assist in the production of several of his original effects. In 2007 Houchin, Jonathan Bayme, Chris Kenner, B.J. Bueno, and Dana Hocking formerd Theory 11, a new online entity devoted to the advancement of the art of magic. Today, Wayne is releasing his latest project, "The Art of Magic" as a DVD or online download. Wayne joins us on the Magic Newswire's Spirit of Magic podcast to discuss his philosophy and thoughts on magic today.

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