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A long time promise is now fulfilled for MagicNewswire Podcast listeners.  Some time ago, I recorded a fantastic interview with "Magician's Magician" Armando Lucero.  Unfortunately, due to a perfect storm of technical issues, I thought that it had been lost.  In addition, time constrains placed upon me by my nob and family have prevented me from dedicating the time needed to try and recover this gem.  Fortunately, I st aside some time and have managed to resurrect this conversation.  Armando needs little introduction to magicians around the globe.  He is an amazing performer and teacher who is much in demand for his lectures on magic an an art form.  It was a pleasure having him with me on this episode of the "Spirit of Magic" podcast.  I hope that you enjoy it!

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Paul Wilson is much more than an award winning conjuror. He's a scam artist, movie consultant and television presenter. He has studied sleight of hand, cheating and conjuring since the age of eight. He consulted on the 2004 Sylvester Stallone film "Shade"  in which he directed and starred in the highly acclaimed opening titles  which featured his expert sleight of hand with cards. In the filme, he appeared as Mr. Andrews. He also served as a magic consultant on the Joe Carnahan film "Smokin' Aces," has consulted for Criss Angel, produced A&E's television show Mondo Magic, appeared on Modern Marvels casino technology episodes, co-created, produced and starred in Court TV's The Takedown  and is the resident cheating expert on Italian television's Arcana show. Wilson is currently a writer and presenter on the BBC's The Real Hustle. The show is now a hit in the United Kingdom and is in its' eighth season.  His credits within the magic community include  The Royal Road To Card Magic, Hit the Road with Paul Wilson and Lee Asher, Knock 'Em Dead, Twists Of Fate, The Restaurant Act, and The Unreal Work with Paul Wilson and Jason England. Join us for a very thoughtful interview with magician Paul Wilson on this episode of the Magic Newswire's "Spirit of Magic" podcast!

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Among the top stories of 2015 in the world of magic was Mat Franco's winning the ninth season of "America's Got Talent."  

Keep on mind that 73 magicians or magic acts have appeared on the whow over the years including the Pendragons, Kevin James, Murray Sawchuck, Michael Grasso, Nathan Burton, Brett Daniels, Rudy Coby, Bizarro and many more.  

Mat became interested in magic after seeing a special featuring several magicians when he was only a few years old and immediately began performing for his class at show and tell.  The rest as they say is history.


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In this episode of the MagicNewswire's "Spirit of Magic" podcast, we take a look back at 2014 and a peek ahead at 2015.  Genii Magazine Associate Editor Dustin Stinnett leads the way with his always amazing recaps of the yprevious year of magic news in review, but we are also joined by many special guests along the way. My cohosts are Chase Goforth, Cameron Ramsay, and David Kaye. Special Guests inculde Dan Sperry, Jonathan Pendragon, Mike Caveney, Tina Lennart and more.  Happy new year eyeryone!

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Magic Castle librarian Bill Goodwin joins me on this edition of this podcast to tell us a bit about what has been happening at the Magic Castle since the fire and to talk about his friend Larry Jennings.  Larry is widely recognized as one of Dai Vernon's greatest students and is known for developing some of the most difficult, yet rewarding effects with a deck of cards.  On January 28th, Potter & Potter Auctions will be curating the sale of Jennings collection which contains Erdnasia, Vernon Memorbilia, books and much, much more.

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Rob Zabrecky has worked throughout the United States and Japan as a magician. He is best known for performances in which he combines irreverent dark humor and mentalism. Since 2002 he has been a regular performer at the Magic Castle. In 2003 he formed the off-beat magic trio, The Unholy Three in the basement of that establishment by presenting a provocative Dada-esque combination of wizardry, mentalism and off-beat humor. In 2008, 2009, and 2010 The Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle named him among the top five magicians for his performances inside the club's Parlour of Prestidigitation.

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Who was S.W. Erdnase? Most likely, anyone reading this knows this name as the pseudonym used by the author of "The Expert at the Card Table" which is arguably one of the most important books ever written on sleight of hand with cards. On this episode of the "Spirit of Magic" podcast, I am joined by David Ben & Julie Eng of Magicana and the publishers of Magicol. Yes, we do discuss who David, Richard Hatch and others believe to be the man behind Erdnase, but we also discuss the most recent online exhibition from Magicana, "" which was developed with the help of Jason England and which examines the many ways in which Erdnase has been presented in print since it first appeared in 1902. 
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What you are about to hear was intended to be the special Halloween episode of the Magic Newswire's "Spirit of Magic" Podcast.  Unfortunately, it was delayed by the fire that happened on Halloween at the Magic Castle and our interviews with those involved.  In spite of this, I am still thrilled to bring you this conversation with Dan Sperry about his new two year contract at the latest attraction to appear in New York City's Times Square, "Times Scare." Thanks again to Dan for joining us and please make time to support him by attending the show when you are in NYC!

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On October 31, 2011 (Halloween), at approximately the time that Harry Houdini died, the magic community learned that our American clubhouse, the Magic Castle, was on fire.  In this podcast, we catch up with Irene Larsen, Erika Larsen, West McDonough and Milt Larsen and are provided with an intimate an first hand look at what happened, the extent of the damage and what the future holds for the Castle. All of this on the eve of a soft re-opening of the site to members and guests.

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Just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio on a 250 acre horse farm, eight feet below ground in an abandoned mine shaft, there exists a legendary collection of magic props and artifacts. It is of course, Ken Klosterman's "Salon de Magie." On this episode of the Magic Newswire's Spirit of Magic podcast, we talk with Ken about his love of magic, how he bagan collecting and why he has decided to part with some of his treasures in an upcoming auction.  He also shares a few antic-dotes about magicians visiting the Salon such as Teller and David Copperfield.

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