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On this previously recorded episode of This Week in Magic, we are joined by one of magic's most interesting couples, Chris & Katie Kenner.  Never too afraid to share their personal opinions when asked, we discuss the good, bad and the ugly aspects of magic as a modern performing art. We also learn what Chris says is the first prop that most stage performers needs to invest in above all others. We are joined by Rudy Coby, Scott Wells, David Kaye, Cameron Ramsay & Chase Goforth.

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The first ever  "The Essential Magic Conference"  has just wrapped up and was an amazing experience for all involved. What went right during the innagural event? What went wrong?  Brian Brushwoodm's Brendan and Richard Hatch join me, Chase Goforth, Cameron Ramsay and Scott Wells to share our individual experiences and to engage in some unapologetic punditry on the topic.

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David Sandy & Lance Rich join us once again to report on one of the long standing traditions in the world of magic, Tannen's annual Magic Camp!  In this episode we are joined by Tannen's Magic Momma, Terri Cook, several of the camp's attendees,  Camp Director Dennis Cook, Darren Romeo, Hiawatha, Girodonno and David Oliver. 

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David Sandy and Lance Rich wrap up our coverage of the International Brotherhood of Magicians annual convention in this special edition of the Magic Newswire's Magic Newscast.  In addition to discussing the results of the various competitions, they interview Michael Close, Irene Larsen, Andrew Goldenhersh, Norm Nielsen and Jason Andrews.

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Today, Marco Tempest. Luis DeMatos & Max Maven hosted an open public preview of the upcoming Essential Magic Conference.  Being free, and open to anyone, they were innundated with more than 6000 visitors for an event which they expect to max out at 2500 attendees. What went right and what went wrong? How will this compare to what we will see on Thursday when the actual conference begins? Join me, Justin Robery Young of and This Week in Magic co-hosts Rudy Coby and Cameron Ramsay as we talk with the hosts of the first Virtual Magic Conference, EMC 2010!

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We continue our coverage of the annual gathering of the International Brotherhood of Magicians  in San Diego California.  Losander and David Sandy have sent in interviews with  Bill Spooner, Dale Salwak, Kay Blackstone, Kozmo, Chuck Jones and many others.

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David Sandy, Losander, Lance Rich and Shawn Farquhar are on site at the 2010 International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention in San Diego California and are rporting from there with short interviews for the Magic Newswire!  If you can't be there wth them, this is the perfect way to get a feel for what you are missing! In episode one, they chat with Mike Miller, David Kaye, incoming IBM President Rolando Santos, Mark Wilson, Simon Lovell, Mike Stratham, Bob Engles, Bus and many others.  
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The Society of American Magicians annual convention for 2010 has just wrapped up in Atlanta, Georgia. I was very fortunate to have a chance to chat with several magicians in attendance including Kozmo, Levent, Merrit Abrose, Eric Jones, Michael Close, Celeste Evans, Axel Hechlau, Merrit Ambrose, Losander, Bev Bergeron, Eric Decamps, Banachek, Johnny Thompson, Debbie Leifer, Richar "The Cheat" Turner, Sandy Marshall, John Harrison, Arthur Trace, Debbie Leifer, Aldo Columbini, Bill Andrews, Bob Little, The Reed Sisters, and of course the outgoing SAM President Mike Miller and the newly inducted President Mark Weidhaas.  Atlanta was great fun for everyone and thanks to those that I managed to catch in the hallway for a chat! 

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Magic Magazine Editor & Publisher Stan Allen Joins us again for one of our regular chats to discuss the current issues of Magic Magazine. We've changed our schedule such that we will talk to Stan one month and Richard Kaufman of Genii Magazine the next. On this episode, Stan discusses the June issue of Magic which featured Kalin & Jinger on the cover and the July issue which is just now hitting mailboxes around the world and profiles Chuck Jones. In addition, Stan discusses his decision to take his publication digital and what that means for the traditional print edition.

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Long before being recognized as an outstanding interviewer and talk show host, Dick Cavett started his career as a performer by doing magic.  On this episode of The Spirit of Magic podcast, Mr. Cavett talks about his lifelong passion for magic, his appreciation for the work of Slydini, his friendship with fellow magician Johnny Carson and which of  the celebrities that he's known had an secret passion for our art form.

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