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In addition to his duties as an executive on the Board of Directors of several multi-national corporations, Marvin Miller has managed to find time to write more than twenty best selling books for children and to make a significant contribution to the art of magic and mentalism. Most recently, Marvin contributed the article "When Ted Went Postal" to Genii Magazine's 75th Anniversary salute to Ted Annemann's the Jinx. Join us on this episode of the Spirit of Magic podcast for a conversation that also touches on Walter Gibson, Dunninger, Himber and modern mentalism.

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Johnny Thompson and Pamela Hayes are best know within the world of magic as The Great Tomsoni & Co.  Johnny is widely recognized as one of the great thinkers in magic today. In spite of that, he and Pam still decided to have some fun chatting with us on This Week in Magic. Pam tells us what it is like working with the Adonis of the Las Vegas Showroon and Johnny shares the experience of tearing off Pam's dress with our resident cougar hunter.  In addition, I was totally surprised to learn that one of Johnny's teachers in High School was an magician that you should all know.  Johnny also channels Dai Vernon for a few great stories!

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On the 337th episode of the Spirit of Magic Podcast, I am thrilled and honored to welcome Howard Hamburg  to the Magic Newswire family.  Have you ever wanted to spend and hour or so with Dai Vernon,Michael Skinner,  Larry Jennings, Charlie Miller, JC Wagner, Tony Giorgio, Francis Carlyle or any of the legends of magic that preceded this generation? If so, I am more than happy to get you one step closer o that goal by bringing you this interview with Howard.  You are about to hear stories about many of the people that we idolize in magic today from an underground card magician that was an intimate of them all. As we launch this episode, I am also very happy to announce that the Magic Newswire's "Spirit of Magic" podcast has now exceeded Two Million Downloads since we first began tracking such things in March of 2008. Thank you so much for this endorsement of what I do. When I first began recording these conversations, I never imagined where it would take me and I cannot that you, the listeners, enough for the emails, donations and downloads. I more than justifies this small contribution to our art that I make by producing these interviews. Again, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. 

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My guest on this episode of the "Spirit of Magic" podcast is comedy magician and February 2010 Genii cover-boy Michael Finney. Michael talks about hs unique path to discovering magic as a career and how he developed the personality that works so well for him on stage. Michael also reflects on some of the people that influenced him over the years including Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon, Carl Ballantine, Karrell Fox Johnny Thompson & Billy McComb. If you've ever wondered if a kidnapping could lead to a career in magic, then you'll be very interested in what Michael has to say.

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Wayne Houchin has been creating magic since trying to duplicate the illusions of David Copperfield with cardboard boxes in his family's living room. He went on to stage a straight jacket escape while hanging from a crane in order to promote his first series of shows at the age of sixteen. In 2003, an underground tape of Wayne's original magic was seen by acclaimed mentalist Banachek who immediately recognized Wayne's potential. While consulting for the first season of Criss Angel : Mindfreak, Banachek suggested that Wayne be brough on to assist in the production of several of his original effects. In 2007 Houchin, Jonathan Bayme, Chris Kenner, B.J. Bueno, and Dana Hocking formerd Theory 11, a new online entity devoted to the advancement of the art of magic. Today, Wayne is releasing his latest project, "The Art of Magic" as a DVD or online download. Wayne joins us on the Magic Newswire's Spirit of Magic podcast to discuss his philosophy and thoughts on magic today.

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Seconds, bottoms, the pass, Malini, Vernon and so much more. Charlie Miller is one of those name tossed around in the context of modern magic that I feel most f the community knows too little about.  I hope that this conversation with some of his closest friends does something to rectify that.  Our good friend Johnny Thompson is joined by two other legends in magic, Harry Riser and Bob White. 

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In July of 2008 I was thrilled to have the chance to record an interview with Richard "The Cheat" Turner. While updating the links to the entire podcast archive, I realized that I had never posted the promised second part of that conversation. Fortunately, I had it in my backup and I am able to rectify that error by posting Part 2 of my Interview with the amazing Richard Turner! Enjoy!

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In this episode of the Magic Newswire's "Sprit of Magic Podcast" I am thrilled to welcome the only pupil of the legendary  Walter Irving Scott known in the magic and gambling communities as The Phantom. Scott is the focus of the book that Gazzo collaborated on with David Britland entitled "Phantoms at the Card Table: Confessions of a cardsharp" . Beyond his career as a street magician, Gazzo is an expert on cons and scams and was Scott's only pupil. He was also the only person with whom Scott entrusted his biography and life's work at card cheating and sleights. 

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In this episode of the Magic Newswire's "Spirit of Magic" podcats, we talk to two of the featured performers, and the director of the new documentary film "The Magic Life."  "The Magic Life" chronicles the journey of three magician hopefuls: a 17-year-old from Beijing who travels to the U.S. to attend magic school, a 25-year-old trying to make rent by performing on Hollywood Blvd for tips, and a 32-year-old New York University MBA graduate who moves to Los Angeles to perform at the world famous Magic Castle. The film depicts the challenges of following an unconventional career path. Forget about parents, family, or friends who may not understand or support your choices – there’s almost an invisible societal pressure in terms of what types of jobs are acceptable. “The Magic Life” is about those who are willing to risk everything to take the road not normally taken. Sometimes the risk pays off, sometimes it doesn’t.
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David Blaine joined us by phone on Day Two of his Dive of Death challenge for a quick chat to discuss his mentah and physical state. An obviously exhausted Blaine expressed his appreciation for the fans that been on site to show their support. Blaine's "Dive of Death" culminates on Wednesday Night at 9PM in a special that promises more magic than has been seen in recent shows. He also promises something amazing as the culmination of the endurance feat in Central Park.
(Thanks to Clay Carmouche for the outstanding photo seen here.)
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