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Premier night has come and gone, the first episode has aired,  and we say goodbye to Carnie Wilson and her Magic Coach Simon Lovell. Former con man turned magician, Simon Lovell, is the star of the longest running one man show off Broadway "Strange and Unusual Unusual Hobbies" at the Soho Playhouse. He is the author of numerous instructional works and DVD's on magic as well as his book for lay audiences, "How to Cheat At Anything." We were very please to present an interview with Simon in which he discusses his time on VH1's latest show, "Celebracadabra." 

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Previous Magic Newswire guest, magician and expert on the art of the con Simon Lovell pays a visit to the Magic Newswire for a special edition of the Magic Newscast. During this chat, Simon takes a moment to help us remember Earl "Presto" Johnson as a part of our ongoing memorial to this influential underground magician. Simon shares his memories, impressions and opinions on the magician that he had to meet simply because he was mentioned in the biography of infamous comedian Lenny Bruce. Simon will also be a guest on the first ever iTricks"Live Clinic" tonight at 9 PM EDT.

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With only hours to go before David Blaine's "Dive of Death" is set to air on ABC, David took time to speak with us by phone. David talked about the medical breaks that many have referred to by some as cheating, his medical condition, his readiness for the final stunt and what moment is his favorite in the broadcast. Because of the live speech by the President at 9PM, the special will air in its' entirety on ABC from 9:15 - 11:15.

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As I begin the next season of the Magic Newswire's "Spirit of Magic" podcast, it is a pleasure to introduce you to the Master in Residence of the Conjuring Arts Research Center, the amazing David Roth.  In this first in an ongoing series of conversations, David will discuss a wide array of topics including the relevance of magic with coins at a time where the quarter is the largest coin that most Americans will be familiar with. Dai Vernon's circumcission, the Spaghetti Sessions, the El Cerrito Seven and so much more. 

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