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Welcome to the launch of a new addition to the podcast lineup. When I first began podcasting on the subject of magic, it was just me and a microphone talking about the news of the week. I quickly grew bored and the interview concept that you now know as the "Spirit of Magic Podcast" was born.  This is a return to the magic news discussion that started it all, but in the form of a roundtable discussion. I've recruited a number of friends from the magic community to participate in a rotating roster of co-hosts and will include a "Mystery Guest" in the show that they are not aware of until we start recording. On this episode, Jim Callahan is the Mystery Guest and Scott Wells joins Cameron Ramsay as my co-hosts. We discuss Jim's recent interview on the "Spirit of Magic,"  marketing magic in today's economy and discuss the exposure of secrets in all its' forms.

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On the second episode of "This Week in Magic" Scott Wells, Cameron Ramsay and I are joined by special guest, Brian Brushwood. During last weeks show with guest Jim Callahan, one of the topics discussed was exposure and Jim expressed the opinion that Brian was essentially exposing the secrets of magic and mentalist on his Revision 3 podcast "Scam School." This week, Brian joins us to offer his thoughts on this topic and to explore the many ways that a magician can market their act in the college market.

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One of the most controversial figures in mentalism joins me on this episode of the Magic Newswire "Spirit of Magic" podcast. Why is Jim such a debated personality? Does he actually claim to possess supernatural powers that allow him to speak with the dead or is he simply misunderstood as a performer? Has he actually applied to participate in the James Randi Educational Foundation Million Dollar Challenge or is it all just a scam? We talk about all of these topics and much more in this episode and look forward to your questions and comments to be discussed in a future conversation with Jim.

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