As we wrap up the year in magic for 2010, This Week in Magic podcast co-host Scott Wells and I are joined by Genii Magazine publisher and editor Richard Kaufman to talk about his thoughts on the past year in magic, what is in store for 2011 and what digital publishing means for the  Conjurors' Magazine.

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As we wrap up the year in magic for 2010, This Week in Magic podcast co-host Scott Wells and I are joined by Genii Magazine publisher and editor Richard Kaufman to talk about his thoughts on the past year in magic, what is in store for 2011 and what digital publishing means for the  Conjurors' Magazine.

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I have been very lucky to have Mike Caveney make an occasional appearance here on the Magic Newswire podcast. During those coversations, he has made mention of the Egyptian Hall Museum, but in this episode we get some of the real back story that we hadn't touched on before. In addition, Mike has just released a new book, "Classic Correspondence from Egyptian Hall."  Reading this book is like being taken on a guided tour through the historical files of Egyptian Hall Museum. 
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As a native Atlantan, I have very fond meories of seeing Tom Mullical perform at his magic bar on Peachtree Street, The Tom Foolery.  By now, most of our listerners will know that Tom has been battling lukemia over the last year and has been out of touch while he undergoes treatment.  The good news is that the cancer is now in remission and Tom is preparing to  renew is Red Skelton tinute show in Branson next year.  In this interview, we talk about Tom's love of magic, why he left it behind and how he became the living incarnation of  Red Skelton.

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One of the highlights of my year in magic for 2010 was the opportunity that I was given to participate in Jamie D. Grant's "Send Wonder Campaign" in which I participated in his street art experiment by dropping off bottle #79.

Since then, Jamie has started yet another "Impossible Bottle Campaign", but there is yet another question to be answered. What ever happened to Bottle #100?

In this interview, Jamie discusses his interest in street art, how he combines his career in magic with is day job as a paramedic. Oh... and don't forget that he also writes a popular blog reviewing magic effects as they are released, "Magic Friday!"

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Once in a while, someone pops up that makes me laugh until my face hurts. It was for this very reason that I hesitated to ask Chad Long to joing Cameron Ramsay. David Kaye & Chase Goforth to join me with a chat with this hellion.

Chad Long is well known within the magic comminity for his lectures and appearances around the world What's so funny? Find out on this episode of "This Week in Magic" for the week ending November 26th, 2010.
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By now, everyone has heard about the unusual circumstances surrounding this year's Magic Cruise produced by our friend David Sandy. Fortunately, David and Lance Rich had already agreed to record interviews for the Magic Newswire during the convention so that you will now get a unique peek at what really went on behind the scenes. We lead off with a short chat with David & Magic Magazine publisher Stan Allen.  Following that we chat with Kalin & Jinger, Chad Long, Bob Sheets, Martin Lewis, Shoot Ogawa, Christopher Hart, Michael Trixx, Matt Paxton and many others! This is a look at a convention that will never happen again!

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The November issue of Magic Magazine should be in your hands by now and the cover features the first magician to make it to the top ten on the blockbuster television show America's Got Talent.  In this interview, I ma joined by Magic Magazine publisher Stan Allen and Michael  himself. "How did a relatively unknown performer manage to accomplish what some of the better known names in the business could not? Where the heck did this guy come from?" Join us in this episode of This Week in Magic for the answers to these question and a peek behind the curtain of AGT!



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Thanks to the oustanding efforts of "This Week in Magic" co-host Scott Wells, I am able to deliver some fantastic coverage of Mindvention 2010!  The result is some great interviews including chats with Docc Hilford, Alain u, Colin McLeod, John Stetson, Banachek, Mac King, Danny Archer, Robert Allen, Patrick Redford, Jamie Salinas, Greg & Eve Lancaster, Jack Tillar, Andrew Gerrard and several others.  I can safely say that you are in for a few surprised and some laughs along the way in this one!

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On this episode of This Week in Magic, Cameron Ramsay and I are joined by guests Joshua Jay and John Guastaferro.  We discuss the relevence of playing cards in magic and society, the fascination that younger magicians have with unusual decks, John's new book "One Degree" and much more!
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On this episode of This Week in Magic, Cameron Ramsay and I are joined by guests Joshua Jay and John Guastaferro.  We discuss the relevence of playing cards in magic and society, the fascination that younger magicians have with unusual decks, John's new book "One Degree" and much more!

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Dan Sperry & Rudy Coby join me on this episode of the Spirit of Magic podcast to discuss their upcoming appearance at the Las Vegas "Fright Dome."    Rudy also talks about his upcoming show at the El Ray Theater and the Halloween Week that he is producing for the Magic Castle.  We also get some of the back story from Dan Sperry on his experiences as a competitor on the most recent season of America's Got Talent.  You may think you know what it is all about from pervious interviews that we have done with AGT competitors, but some of these insights may surprise you.

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Comedy-magician Mac King and Harrah’s, Las Vegas have agreed to extend their contract for another five years. Currently celebrating his show’s 10th anniversary at Harrah’s, Las Vegas the contract will ensure “The Mac King Comedy Magic Show” through 2015 for a historic 15-year run. Mac joins us on this episode of This Week in Magic to talk about his career and  his latest books Campfire Magic. We also talk about his childhood friend Lance Burton and the end of his run at the Monte Carlo. 

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David Pogue is the personal-technology columnist for the New York Times. Each week, he contributes a print column, an online column, an online video and a popular daily blog, “Pogue’s Posts.” David is also an Emmy award-winning tech correspondent for CBS News, and he appears each week on CNBC with his trademark comic tech videos. Why are we telling you all of this on a magic podcast?  With over 3 million books in print, David is one of the world’s bestselling how-to authors in the world including Magic For Dummies and six other titles in that series.  His interest in magic dates back to the 400 plus shows that he performed in high school and is now manifest n a children's book "Abby Carnelia's One and Only Magical Power." Join us now on the Spirit of Magic for a conversaton that combines Magic and Technology!
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Scott Wells reports from the 65th annual Texas Association of Magicians gathering in Austin, Texas.  We were lucky to get interviews with a very diverse group of performers, lecturers and magic celebrities including Michael Webber, James Garriott, Fumio, Hull Youngbood. Marshall Brodien, SAM President mark Weidhass, TAOM Secretary Mary Cay, Oscar Munoz, Jeff McBride, Paul Vigil, Pop Hayden, Sam Sawyers, Wayne Dobson,  Pat Hazell and many more! If you missed it, you can still feel like you were there with this episode of the Magic Newswire podcast!

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Magic Magazine's Stan Allen is back with us on the Magic Newswire to talk about the current issue of the magazine which profiles the career of Lance Burton.  With unprecidented access to Lance, Magic Magazine presents all side of this great performer as he wraps up his final performances at the Monte Carlo.  We also discuss the unprecidented interest in the upcoming 20th Anniversary of Magic Live which has now closed registration after only a week of opening to the public. 

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Two years after the launch of Ringling Brother's magically themed circus "Zing Zang Zoom." and two hundred episodes later, I am again joined by some of the key players in the show.  As mentioned in previous chats with Jim, he acted as the magic consultant for the show. Alex Ramon has spent two years as the host of the most magical show on Earth. Joining us for the first time is Alex's magical counterpart, Tweedy.  In this episode, we discuss everything from their most memorable moments to what they think could have been done better. 
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On this episode of the Magic Newswire's "This Week in Magic" we are joined by Banachek and Eric Mead. As our readers will know by now, at James Randi's "The Amazing Meeting," it was announced that Banachek would take over the management of the JREF Million Dollar Challenge.  Eric Mead joins us to discuss his foray into the world of mentalism and his experience as one of the hosts of the Essential Magic Conference.

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The 54th annual Midwest Magic Jubilee has just wrapped up in St. Louis and the Magic Newswire was very fortunate to have two of our co-hosts on location to share a bit of the gathering with our listeners. Chase Goforth and Scott Wells bring us interviews with quite a number of the lecturers, contestants and attendees including Tom Burgoon, Terry Richardson, David Acer, Emory Williams, Eric Jones, Michael Lair and many more! 
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The 73rd annual Abbott's Magic Get Together has just wrapped up in Colon, Mi. John Sturk & Roger MagiBus helped Magi Newswire listeners get a taste of what they missed with a series of interviews from the event. Some of those interviewed include Al the Only, Ron Jaxon, Wilma Rench, June Horrowitz, John Luka, Gordon Miller, Chezaday, Gary Costello, Mike Powers and Greg Bodner. Enjoy!

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Shawn McMaster & Jonathan Levit are our guests on this episode of "This Week in Magic". The original Mandala was underground electronic magic publication with a loyal following from 2000-2005. Known for its hard-hitting approach and straight forward reporting on the state of the magic industry, coupled with contributions and columns from some of magic's top names, The Mandala quickly gained a reputation for its "pull no punches" style of reporting, unique subject matter and witty writing.  The Mandala ceased publication in 2005 when McMaster accepted a position with MAGIC Magazine as Associate Editor. Now the Mandala has returned. Why do we need another magic related magazine? Why publish electronically? Why should people subscribe? Hear what Shawn and Jonathan say on all of these issues and more in the podcast!

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The Golden Gate Gathering began in 2007 as the brainchild of a small group of Bay Area magicians that wanted to learn from underground or non-mainstream artists. In an effort to present classical and innovative performers, they brought in talent both young and old to teach like-minded people.  The Golden Gate Gathering has just wrapped its fourth year and our friend Lee Asher was there to be the eyes and ears of the Magic Newswire. Join him as he talks with people like Allan Ackerman, Theron Shaub, David Nelson, Kent Gunn, Dorian Rodell and Paul Vigil.
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Born and raised in Memphis, Larry Clark is a multitalented entertainer who has spent almost half of his life traversing the globe, wowing audiences with his particular brand of clowning, magic, juggling, comedy, and other feats of Larry-ness.   He is currently in the midst of his fourth tour with the Rngling Barnum & Baily Circus with the Red Tour presenting the first ever magically themed  Ringling show "Zing Zang Zoom" hosted by magical Zingmaster Alex Ramon!  In addition, Larry has  toured with A-list musical acts, including Marilyn Manson, Nine inch Nails, and 311.  Join us for a circus themed magicial interview on this episode of the Magic Newswire's  "This Week in Magic" podcast!

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On this previously recorded episode of This Week in Magic, we are joined by one of magic's most interesting couples, Chris & Katie Kenner.  Never too afraid to share their personal opinions when asked, we discuss the good, bad and the ugly aspects of magic as a modern performing art. We also learn what Chris says is the first prop that most stage performers needs to invest in above all others. We are joined by Rudy Coby, Scott Wells, David Kaye, Cameron Ramsay & Chase Goforth.

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The first ever  "The Essential Magic Conference"  has just wrapped up and was an amazing experience for all involved. What went right during the innagural event? What went wrong?  Brian Brushwoodm's Brendan and Richard Hatch join me, Chase Goforth, Cameron Ramsay and Scott Wells to share our individual experiences and to engage in some unapologetic punditry on the topic.

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David Sandy & Lance Rich join us once again to report on one of the long standing traditions in the world of magic, Tannen's annual Magic Camp!  In this episode we are joined by Tannen's Magic Momma, Terri Cook, several of the camp's attendees,  Camp Director Dennis Cook, Darren Romeo, Hiawatha, Girodonno and David Oliver. 

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David Sandy and Lance Rich wrap up our coverage of the International Brotherhood of Magicians annual convention in this special edition of the Magic Newswire's Magic Newscast.  In addition to discussing the results of the various competitions, they interview Michael Close, Irene Larsen, Andrew Goldenhersh, Norm Nielsen and Jason Andrews.

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Today, Marco Tempest. Luis DeMatos & Max Maven hosted an open public preview of the upcoming Essential Magic Conference.  Being free, and open to anyone, they were innundated with more than 6000 visitors for an event which they expect to max out at 2500 attendees. What went right and what went wrong? How will this compare to what we will see on Thursday when the actual conference begins? Join me, Justin Robery Young of and This Week in Magic co-hosts Rudy Coby and Cameron Ramsay as we talk with the hosts of the first Virtual Magic Conference, EMC 2010!

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We continue our coverage of the annual gathering of the International Brotherhood of Magicians  in San Diego California.  Losander and David Sandy have sent in interviews with  Bill Spooner, Dale Salwak, Kay Blackstone, Kozmo, Chuck Jones and many others.

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David Sandy, Losander, Lance Rich and Shawn Farquhar are on site at the 2010 International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention in San Diego California and are rporting from there with short interviews for the Magic Newswire!  If you can't be there wth them, this is the perfect way to get a feel for what you are missing! In episode one, they chat with Mike Miller, David Kaye, incoming IBM President Rolando Santos, Mark Wilson, Simon Lovell, Mike Stratham, Bob Engles, Bus and many others.  
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The Society of American Magicians annual convention for 2010 has just wrapped up in Atlanta, Georgia. I was very fortunate to have a chance to chat with several magicians in attendance including Kozmo, Levent, Merrit Abrose, Eric Jones, Michael Close, Celeste Evans, Axel Hechlau, Merrit Ambrose, Losander, Bev Bergeron, Eric Decamps, Banachek, Johnny Thompson, Debbie Leifer, Richar "The Cheat" Turner, Sandy Marshall, John Harrison, Arthur Trace, Debbie Leifer, Aldo Columbini, Bill Andrews, Bob Little, The Reed Sisters, and of course the outgoing SAM President Mike Miller and the newly inducted President Mark Weidhaas.  Atlanta was great fun for everyone and thanks to those that I managed to catch in the hallway for a chat! 

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Magic Magazine Editor & Publisher Stan Allen Joins us again for one of our regular chats to discuss the current issues of Magic Magazine. We've changed our schedule such that we will talk to Stan one month and Richard Kaufman of Genii Magazine the next. On this episode, Stan discusses the June issue of Magic which featured Kalin & Jinger on the cover and the July issue which is just now hitting mailboxes around the world and profiles Chuck Jones. In addition, Stan discusses his decision to take his publication digital and what that means for the traditional print edition.

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Long before being recognized as an outstanding interviewer and talk show host, Dick Cavett started his career as a performer by doing magic.  On this episode of The Spirit of Magic podcast, Mr. Cavett talks about his lifelong passion for magic, his appreciation for the work of Slydini, his friendship with fellow magician Johnny Carson and which of  the celebrities that he's known had an secret passion for our art form.

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Ed Alonzo has worked magic for Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Craig Ferguson, Usher and many more.  What was Michael Jackson's best disguise for public outings and what was it like working for him just before his death?  What happened backstage on Britney's Circus tour and what does a 260E Balloon have to do with her?  What is the truth behind the failed chair levitation that has gotten so much traffic on YouTube? All this and more on this episode of This Week in Magic! 

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Who are the architects of magic's future?  What is it that they bring to the table that makes them shape the future of the art?  When we look back to our recent past, we often point to people like Dai Vernon Ted Annemann and others as those that blazed the trail for us. In this episode of "This Week in Magic," David Kaye, Scott Wells, Rudy Coby, Chase Goforth and I are joined by Andrew Mayne and try identify some of the greats that walk among us today.  In addition, we discuss why so many family magicians get a bad rap and take several of the usual tangents that happen whenever we get together. 

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Over the next several weeks both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians will hold their national conventions. On this episode of "This Week in Magic," we are joined by the International President of IBM Jack White, the President of SAM Mike Miller, SAM VP Vinnie Grosso and the magically renewed Rudy Coby who joins us as guest co-host.  As always, I am joined by  our regular panelists David Kaye, Scott Wells, Cameron ARamsay & Chase Goforth.

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The magic community was rocked by the unexpected news of the arrest of Jonathan Pendragon in July of 2009. Needless to say, "the incident" left everyone wondering what would become of one of the most amazing magic acts that we had ever seen. The idea that we would see no more of "The Pendragons" and their amazing brand of physical magic was hard to imagine.  In this, his first public interview since the "incident," Jonathan talks about what happened, what he feels contributed to it and where he goes from here.  Because of ongoing legal issues, not every question that you may want to have answered is addressed.  In spite of that, I am hopeful that this conversation will answer the questions that many of you may still havd as to what happened to one one of the most highly regarded performing couples in the history of magic.

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Famous for unique magic creations and his incredible versatility, Dan Harlan has developed and performed cutting-edge miracles with everythinbg from a deck of cards to a bag of rubberbands. He was instrumental in popularizing magic with rubber bands and you've seen several of the effects that he helped to bring back performed by the likes of David Copperfield & Luis DeMatos. Dan is also the creator of one of the most charming effects to be released in the last twenty years, CardToon. Dan joins me on the Spirit of Magic podcast to discuss the influence that magic has had in his life and what took him away from the community in which he was so intimately involved for so long.

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Is there a better way to wrap up the "Late Night with David Letterman"  Close-up Magic Week than by talking with some of the people that were there.   Our special guest on this episode of This Week in Magic is the Millionaire's Magician, Mr. Steve Cohen.   To help Steve discuss the Letterman experience, we've also invited Theory 11's Jonathan Bayme and our own David Kaye to join us, both of which helped performers involved in this week of magic including Steve and Michael Ammar.  We are also joined at the end of our chat by a surprise guest who also performed on Letterman this week. What would you do if you were invited to perform on Letterman?  Find out what our guests recommend on this episode of the podcast!

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This has been a busy week for magic on network television. The CBS Late Show host David Letterman has been featuring close-up magic by some of the top performers in the field. On Moday he featured the seventh appearance by Jason Randal. On Tuesday, John Carney brought his unique performance style to the show. On Wednesday, the amazing Johnny Ace Palmer worked with everything from yellow yarm to baby chicks. Tonight we will see what the Millonaire's Magician Steve Cohgen brings to the table. Steve will be our fetured guest on the next episode of This Week in Magic and will be joined by Dan White and Jonathan Bayme to discuss magic as presented in this format! 

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The 2010 Canadian Magician of the year, Shawn Farquhar is our gest on this episode of the Magic Newswire's "This Week in Magic" podcast. In addition, we have a surprise guest join us from Scott Wells studio, Christoper Hart.  While Chase Goforth is lost somewhere in Mississippi, Cameron Ramsay and David Kaye manage to maintain their places as co-hosts on the show and deliver another outstanding episode.  Shawn talks about the loss of his mentor before we move into a discussion on creativity and modern mentorship in within the magic community. 

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On May 16th, Potter & Potter Auctions will host the fourth  auction of "the never ending magic collection" of  Jay Marshall.  "The Rarities of Jay Marshall" auction contains some of the most interesting, rare and unique items to date. Inluded are pieces like the Fred Kap's rabbit producing cane which he used during his appearance on the Ed Sullivan show and which is picturedon the front of the catalog.  Gabe Fujari joins us on this Magic Newscast just after conducting a tour of the collection for Attendees at the 41st Annual Magic Collectors Association Conference.  Find out which hidden gems you might be interested in bidding on in this episode of the podcast!

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Rudy Coby is back with a vengeance! After more than a decade away from magic, Rudy has returned to stage one of the most successful events in the history of the Magic Castle. For one week only the Magic Castle was transformed into a wild laboratory where Mad Scientists battle the World's Greatest Magicians. Featured performers included Chris Kenner, Brian Brushwood, Andrew Mayne, Marilyn Manson and many more. Rudy is best known for the character that he plays on stage. "Labman" is a Scientific Superhero who claims to be a strange invader from this very planet. His original magic creations have brought him worldwide success with appearances in dozens of different countries including two primetime Fox-TV specials Rudy Coby: The Coolest Magician On Earth here in the US. Rudy's renewed enthusiasm for magic is infectious and you are sure to rediscover your passion for the art after this episode of This Week in Magic. This is Part Two of our interview with "The Coolest Magician on Earth"

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Rudy Coby is back with a vengeance! After more than a decade away from magic, Rudy has returned to stage one of the most successful events in the history of the Magic Castle.  For one week only the Magic Castle is transformed into a wild laboratory where Mad Scientists battle the World's Greatest Magicians. Featured performers included Chris Kenner, Brian Brushwood, Andrew Mayne, Marilyn Manson and many more. Rudy is best known for the character that he plays on stage. "Labman" is a Scientific Superhero who claims to be a strange invader from this very planet. His original magic creations have brought him worldwide success with appearances in dozens of different countries including two primetime Fox-TV specials Rudy Coby: The Coolest Magician On Earth here in the US.  Rudy's renewed enthusiasm for magic is infectious and you are sure to rediscover your passion for the art after this episode of This Week in Magic.
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undefinedOn this very special episode of the Magic Newswire's "This Week in Magic" podcast we celebrate two major landmarks with two amazing magicians.  We begin with Nathan Burton who just celebrated his second year at the Flamingo in Las Vegas and his 500th performance at that venue. In addition, he recently began a series of shows headlining in Atlantic City which he stages every other weekend. As we approach the end of his segment, Nathan arrives at the home of Mac King where a veritable who's who of magic was gathered to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Mac King at Harrah's.  Mac also gets in on the action with a phone call in between serving his guests. If you want to know  who David Kaye may spoof next in one of his YouTube videos or are curious as to what happened to Lance Burton's truck, then this is an episode that you won't want to miss.
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On this edition of the Magic Newswire's Magic Newscast, John "Big Daddy Cool" Pyka reports from the ninteenth annual Battle of Magicians in Canton, Ohio.  Known for the dealer's "Hall of Fun," Hot Dog & Pizza eating contests and a tradition of free haircuts, teh Battle of Magicians attracts an outstanding cast of international magicians.  In the podcast, John interviews  event founder Tim Deremer, Woody Pitman, Mike Bishop, Michael P. Lair, Lion Flood, Jeff Hobson and Kalin & Jinger. 

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We follow Scott Wells excellent on site coverage from ground zero of the 40th Anniversary incarnation of Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic by interviewing the gathering's founder and this year's Guest of Honor, Obie Obrien.  Obie  has been it's organizer since the inception of the FFFF. In 1993-1994 Obie served as the President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and has served as a F.I.S.M. judge and currently runs their close-up shows. He was also the official Hockey scorer at the 1980 Olympic Games. Obie shares a bit of the back story of the event which this year attracted 22 FISM winners, magicians from 31 different states in the U.S., performers from 5 continents and 18 countries as well as 16 winners from major magic conventions.

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Scott Wells wraps up his coverage of the 40th annual FFFF convention honoring Obie Obrien by interviewing Bob Reas, Ed Ripley, Richard Hatch, Rocco, Bob Sheets, Geoff Williams, Obie Obrien, Boris Wild, Raj Madhok, Babel, Rick Merrill, Paul Gertner, Paul Norman, Howie Schwartzman, Tim Ellis and Charming Choy.

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On Day Three of FFF 2010, Scott Wells interviews Mark Fitzgerald, Marv Leventhal, Bill Malone, David Acer, Dan Garrett, Harry Monte, Rich Wilcox, Robert Jaegerhorn and gets a few jokes from Howie Schwartzman.

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Scott Wells continues his interviews from the 40th Anniversary of Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic. In this episode he talks with with Shawn Farquhar,  Geoff Williams, Jep Hostetler, Eric DeCamps, Oscar Muno, Tim Ellis, Rick Wilcox, Rolando Sanos and many more of the magicians in attendance. 

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Scott Wells brings Magic Newswire listeners to the 40th anniversary of Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic with daily interviews and reporting from the original closeup conference. In this episode, Scott chats with Richard Hatch,  Charlie Randall, Boris Wild, Tim Ellis, Mike Miller, Mark Desouza, Steve Bagatze, Roger Wicks, Rolando Santos, Brian Lancaster, John Luca, Gene Anderson, Obie Obrien and many more of  the attendees. Stay tuned for daily updates over the next few days and thanks to Scott for making this happen while attending this fantastic event!

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On this episode of the Magic Newswire's "This Week in Magic" podcast, Scott Wells, Chase Goforth, Cameron Ramsay, David Kaye & I are joined by Magicana's David Ben & Julie Eng.  This annual multi-disciplinary celebration of theatre, literature, music, food, dance, celebrations, visual arts, fashion, film will now feature magic. David & Julie are responsible for coordinating this unique event.  Scheduled performers include Spain’s Juan Tamariz who will perform one show each in Spanish, English, and French. Mentalist Max Maven will display his skill as a master mind reader, while Mac King will use his blend of magic and comedy to enchant viewers of all ages. In addition, Bob Sheets brings his own brand of manic comic showmanship to the streets of Toronto in a series of free performances. Among other topics, we also discuss some of the worst magic that our guests have ever witnessed. 

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Swedish card maestro Lennart Green has been baffling audiences for years with his chaotic style of magic. In 1991 he won the grand prize in close-up card magic from the International Federation of Magic Societies (FISM). He almost won at FISM in 1988 except for the fact that his act so fooled the judges that they were convinced that he had used stooges and disqualified him. His magic has taken him around the world and even led to his appearance on NBC's The World's Greatest Magic. I recently had the opportunity to meet Lennart when he was in Atlanta for the "Gathering for Gardner" and we discuss his interest in this unique gathering as well as his passion for magic in this episode of the "Spirit of Magic" podcast!
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On the April 5th, 2010 episode of This Week in Magic we are joined by the latest addition to our panel of co-hosts, David Kay. David has just returned from the ninth annual Gathering For Gardner where he was joined by Lennart Green, Bill Kalush,  Joe Turner and many others for this invitation only conference.  In addition, this show provides the first opportunity that we have had to discuss the first annual Magic-Con with co-host Chase Goforth. Was it a success? What were the highlights and what were the low-lights?  Join us now to explore these unique gatherings on This Week in Magic!
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Hypnotist Bill Gladwell sends in the latest of his Secret Order interviews for the Magic Newswire's "Magic Newscast."  In this episode he talks with magician and motivational speaker Jon Petz. While you might not know his name, Jon Petz is a busy corporate magician who has found a way to work true miracles, bringing magic to children facing serious illnesses and was profiled in the March issue of Magic Magazine.

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On this episode of "This Week in Magic," we are joined by an international panel of magicians  including Luis DeMatos, David Britland and Marco Tempest. Why are they all together on one show? To announce the world's first ever web conference for magicians, "The Essential Magic Conference!"  Thirty three  speakers presented over three days of streamed live worldwide.  Speakers include Cyril Takayama, Apollo Robbins, Barry & Stuart, Eric Mead, De'Vo, Gazzo, Gene Matsuura, Guy Hollingworth, Lennart Green, Topas, Richard Mcdougall, Richard Wiseman, Stan Allen, Paulino Gil, Paul Kieve, Mike Caveney, Miguel Angel Gea, James Freedman, Helder Guimaraes, Jason England, Gaetan Bloom, Dani DaOrtiz, Bill Kalush, Jason England, Ponta the Smith and Max Maven. Get more information and register to attend at Access passes are limited.

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David Williamson awoke one morning on his parents farm in Ohio and a cow was levitating out of the window. He looked down to see that she had already been milked. That's when he knew he would go into magic. Ever since that time, Dave has been trying to duplicate that feat.  Dave wanted you to know that as a child, he always wanted to be a professional magician. As an adult, David wants to be a doctor. For the past 20 years he has performed for every blue and gold banquet in America.  All kidding aside, David has done everything and been everywhere and has appeared on TV both nationally and internationally.  I was thrilled that David would take time from his busy schedule to visit with the listeners of the Magic Newswire's podcast and I am sure that you'll enjoy the journey that he takes us on in this episode.

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undefinedOn this episode of This Week in Magic,  we preview the first ever Magic-Con, the interactive conference for people that are serous about magic.  Magic-Con begins on Thursday March 18th.  Our guests on the show include conference presenters Daniel Garcia, "Handsome Jack"  John Lovick and Theory 11's Jonathan Bayme.  What is Magic-Con and why do we care?   Listen and you'll understand.

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My guest on this episode of the Spirit of Magic podcast is legendary close-up and bar magician JC Wagner.  We cover everything from his days working the Disney Magic shop with Steve Martin to his time working the bar with Bob Sheets and Doc Eason.  JC also share some of history with Dai Vernon, Eddie Fecter and other legends of the west coast magic scene.  If you wanna work magic in the bar, there is no better teacher to learn from than the amazing JC Wagner.

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Joanie Spina is our special guest on this episode of the podcast.  If you're not yet familiar with Joanie, she acts as a performance coach to magicians, jugglers, dancers, singers, clowns,  mimes, and actors.  She  offers a variety of services including theatrical direction, staging and/or choreography, individual performance coaching and promotional tape design and is best known to many as the co-director and choreographer for world renowned magician David Copperfield.  If your demo tape does more traveling than you do, then sit back and enjoy the expert opinions of a master magic coach on This Week in Magic!

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Raised in Chicago, Bill Malone discovered magic after a visit to a magic shop when he was seventeen.  Little did he know that this would eventually lead him to become a pupil of the legendary Ed Marlo and that he'd become one of the most popular performers working the magic bar scene in the Windy City.  Bill i s a recipient of the Merlin Award and has been featured on many network magic television specials.  Today, Malone is known for his many creative contributions to classic bar magic and is recognized for his versions of  such effects as the bill in lemon, card under glass, and Sam the Bellhop. In this episode of the "Spirit of Magic Podcast," Bill talks about the many great magicians that have inspired him and the people that he works with today to keep the creative juices flowing.

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We mix things up on this episode of This Week in Magic by inviting two totally different performers to join us on the podcast.  Doc Eason is one of the most expereinced bar magicians living today. He's performed in Snow Mass Colorado for more than 27 years, with a lengthy stint at John Denver's Tower Restaurant Magic Bar.  In addition, Doc was the recipient of the Academy of Magical Arts first every award for "Bar Magician of the Year"  in 2005. In 2008, they also named him Close-up Magician of the Year.   When he was 17, Levent was  awarded 1st Prize in the Stage Magic competition at the IBM National Convention. He never looked back, immediately taking a resort booking, performing on cruise ships and in theaters around the world. He is a noted creator of magic tricks and a magic lecturer as well as a vaudeville historian.  His most recent project is "Levent's Ultimate Guide to the Billiard Balls" in which he explores every aspect of this historic routine and recreates Cardini's famous presentation of the effect. 

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Beating a Dead Horse is  a story of fathers and sons. It is laugh-out-loud funny, honest, touching, and offers revelations along the way. Jay's son, Alexander “Sandy” Marshall, spent more than three years researching and writing about his maverick father. Beating a Dead Horse chronicles Jay's journey from his staid middle class upbringing in Abington, Massachusetts to his memorable performances on Broadway, television (14 appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show), New York's Palace Theatre, Radio City Music Hall, the London Palladium, opening for Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas, traveling the world, and becoming the Dean of the Society of American Magicians. On this episode of "The Spirit of Magic," Sandy joins us to talk about his dad and the research that went into this book.

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It's a quiet evening at the Magic Newswire with Chase Goforth and myself hosting our special guest on this episode, Denny Haney. A graduate of the Chavez College of magic, Denny returned to Vietnam to entertain the troops after serving three tours and being discharged.  He toured the world with a stage show and was one of the highest paying  magic acts in the country. In 1990, Denny retired from the road and opened  the Denny & Lee Magic Studio in Baltimore.  Over the years, I have had had a chance to talk with Denny on many and varied topic and have always been impressed with his frankness and his opinions on magic. I hope that you enjoy what is sure to be one of many chats that we'll have with Denny on "This Week in Magic!"

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In Part 4, Scott Wells wraps up his reporting from Blackpool 2010. This episode contains to the final part of his interviews from day three with Tim Trono & Kathy Carini of Murphy's Magic Supplies, a funny story about Tim,  the conclusion of his interviews with Keith Barry, Franz Harary and  FISM International President Eric Eswin.  He and Banacek also discuss their overal experience at the convetion both from the perspectives of a performer, dealer and attendee. Thanks again to Scott for puttng forth the effort to try and capture a bit of the Balackpool expereince for the listeners of the Magic Newswire. 

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n Part 3 of Scott Wells reports and interviews from Blackpool 2010 we're treated to the final part of his interviews from day two with Magic Circle President Jack Delvin and Blackpool Magic Club president Alan Coventry.  We then move on to Day Three in which  Scott chats with Blackpool VIP show coordinator James Masson,  Tim Trono & Kathy Carini of Murphy's Magic Supplies, Banachek, Paul Nardini, the Blackpoole Kid's Show Champion Oscar Munoz, Keith Barry, Franz Harary, FISM International President Eric Eswin, my friend Brandon Burn from and previous Magic Newswire contributor, Hypnotist Andi Gladwin.

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Scott Wells continues his reports from Blackpool 2010 by sending in interviews with Axel Hecklau, Paul Brooke, Mark Mason, Roy Zaltsman, Paul Stone, Magic Circle President Jack Delvin,Blackpool Magicians VP Andrew Green, club President Alan Coventry and everyone gathered at the Ruskin Hotel bar on Saturday Night.

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Scott Wells continues his series of "Scott Signals"  as he and Banachek make their way to the UK for one of the biggest magic conventions in the world, Blackpool.  This is the first installment of his travel diary and interview series. In this episode Scott shares some of his experiences before the convention begins and then grabs some time for interviews from the dealer's room on day one with such people as Tim Trono, Hank Moorehouse, Levent,  Oscar Munoz, Ian Rowland,  Mathew Field &  James Clark.  Check back daily for new updates from Scott from Blackpool which takes place this year on February 19th, 20th & 21st.

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Rick Roth produces some of the most unique and interesting effects and props for use in the performance of mentalism and bizarre magic. Beginning with his first release, "Homicide," Rick has made a name for himself and Outlaw Effects in the world of magic. In this episode of "The Spirit of Magic" podcast, Rick and I discuss his background, the history of Outlaw and the creative process with which he creates such amazing products. We also touch on some of the issues that can arise when trying to meet the demand for such unique products. Join Rick and I as we explore The Spirit of Outlaw Effects.

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On the January 18th, 2010 episode of This Week in Magic, Scott Wells, Cameron Ramsay, Chase Goforth and I are joined by "one of the most feared intellectuals in magic" Jamy Ian Swiss. As it turns out, Scott was recording from the Houston area magicians annual holiday party and we're briefly joined by several other of the magicians in attendance. The result is one particularly interesting conversation between Jamy & Banachek. Is most of the magic on the market today crap? Is "Street Magic" a truly viable performance form or nothing more than a marketing gimmick to pass of mediocre material to the masses? These and may other are discussed on this episode of our weekly roundtable discussion.

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