Once in a while, someone pops up that makes me laugh until my face hurts. It was for this very reason that I hesitated to ask Chad Long to joing Cameron Ramsay. David Kaye & Chase Goforth to join me with a chat with this hellion.

Chad Long is well known within the magic comminity for his lectures and appearances around the world What's so funny? Find out on this episode of "This Week in Magic" for the week ending November 26th, 2010.
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By now, everyone has heard about the unusual circumstances surrounding this year's Magic Cruise produced by our friend David Sandy. Fortunately, David and Lance Rich had already agreed to record interviews for the Magic Newswire during the convention so that you will now get a unique peek at what really went on behind the scenes. We lead off with a short chat with David & Magic Magazine publisher Stan Allen.  Following that we chat with Kalin & Jinger, Chad Long, Bob Sheets, Martin Lewis, Shoot Ogawa, Christopher Hart, Michael Trixx, Matt Paxton and many others! This is a look at a convention that will never happen again!

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The November issue of Magic Magazine should be in your hands by now and the cover features the first magician to make it to the top ten on the blockbuster television show America's Got Talent.  In this interview, I ma joined by Magic Magazine publisher Stan Allen and Michael  himself. "How did a relatively unknown performer manage to accomplish what some of the better known names in the business could not? Where the heck did this guy come from?" Join us in this episode of This Week in Magic for the answers to these question and a peek behind the curtain of AGT!



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