Rob Zabrecky has worked throughout the United States and Japan as a magician. He is best known for performances in which he combines irreverent dark humor and mentalism. Since 2002 he has been a regular performer at the Magic Castle. In 2003 he formed the off-beat magic trio, The Unholy Three in the basement of that establishment by presenting a provocative Dada-esque combination of wizardry, mentalism and off-beat humor. In 2008, 2009, and 2010 The Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle named him among the top five magicians for his performances inside the club's Parlour of Prestidigitation.

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Who was S.W. Erdnase? Most likely, anyone reading this knows this name as the pseudonym used by the author of "The Expert at the Card Table" which is arguably one of the most important books ever written on sleight of hand with cards. On this episode of the "Spirit of Magic" podcast, I am joined by David Ben & Julie Eng of Magicana and the publishers of Magicol. Yes, we do discuss who David, Richard Hatch and others believe to be the man behind Erdnase, but we also discuss the most recent online exhibition from Magicana, "" which was developed with the help of Jason England and which examines the many ways in which Erdnase has been presented in print since it first appeared in 1902. 
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