Magic Castle librarian Bill Goodwin joins me on this edition of this podcast to tell us a bit about what has been happening at the Magic Castle since the fire and to talk about his friend Larry Jennings.  Larry is widely recognized as one of Dai Vernon's greatest students and is known for developing some of the most difficult, yet rewarding effects with a deck of cards.  On January 28th, Potter & Potter Auctions will be curating the sale of Jennings collection which contains Erdnasia, Vernon Memorbilia, books and much, much more.

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My guest on this episode of the Magic Newswire's Spirit of Magic podcast is Magic Castle regular Rob Zabrecky. Rob began not as a magician but as a musician as a part of the 90's indie band Possum Dixon. Discovering magic after an unexpected visit to a magic shop while on tour, Rob became addicted to magic and mentalism. Rob is now a frequent performer in the Parlor of Prestidigitation and was a long time host of the AMA's "Who's Hoo" interview series.

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