Paul Diamond may not be a household name in the world of magic today, but everyone that I speak to from Johnny Thompson, to Mac King & Lance Burton, etc... all know Mr. Humble. I was lucky enough to get my first exposure to magic through Paul's shop when I was ten years old. As it turns out, Paul was also a favorite performer of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Over the years, he's been a featured entertainer for celebrity events hosted by Celine Dion, Elton John, Milton Burle and others. In addition, Paul had such legends as Slydini and Charlie Miller live with him in his Florida home. Rediscover "Mr. Humble," Mr. Paul Diamond on this episode of the Magic Newswire's "Spirit of Magic Podcast."

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I recently received an amazing email from Bill Smith offering to share a previously unheard interview with Harry Blackstone Jr. Obviously, I was flattered and thrilled that I could share this with our listeners. According to the information shared by Bill, this interview was recorded by a local radio station in Texas, but was never broadcast. Fortunately, Bill was able to obtain the master and we now have the digital copy that we are sharing here today. Thanks again to Bill who has said that he will welcome any emails inquiring about this chat.

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What you are about to hear is a previously unheard interview with Harry Blackstone Jr. and is brought to you through the efforts of Bill Smith.  Here is what Bill had to say about the recording when he sent it my way:

I had the fortune, in 1983, to see Harry Blackstone Jr. perform for a department store grand opening. I wanted to meet him afterwards, but someone told me he'd be doing a radio interview right after the show, but would be happy to meet me after that. So i waited {of course!}, & out he came, & we had a nice long chat. But i also noticed the call letters of the local radio station on the shoulder strap cassette recorder the radio person had, & later, i called the station to ask when the interview would be aired. The gentleman said they decided it wouldn't be aired after all, as it didn't fit into the current schedule or something, but then asked if i'd like a copy. Well, he didn't have to twist MY arm! LOL! I called later to thank him, after receiving it in the mail, & asked about the possibility of buying the original. He told me that the original had already been re-recorded over, so basically, now i had the "master"! Unfortunately, my tape machine ate my copy he sent, but not before i had put it onto cd {THANK GOD!!}

It is a WONDERFUL interview, with Harry doing 99% of the talking. It runs about 15 minutes if i remember right, & starts off with him talking about how his dad got started, became famous, & leads silk smooth into how his dad helped him get going, & him becoming famous. 

I know i could SELL copies of this, but i also know that as soon as i did, it would be all over the net for free anyway, so i'd rather use it to give back to this great art, & also to thank you for the great job you are doing preserving the knowledge of all those greats of magic through your podcasts.

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