If you were to describe the worst audience for a comedy magic show, would it beat the one that Mac King found himself facing?  If you have a line that you put into your act only to get a laugh, what would you do if it came true? Mac King shares his adventures on the comedy magic stage with us on this episode of the Magic Newswire Spirit of Magic podcast and we discuss all of these scenarios and more. We even learn that Teller is a far better heckler than I will ever be.. no surprise there though.

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We celebrate our 100th episode of the MagicNewswire.com 's Spirit of Magic podcast with  Master Magician Lance Burton. Lance is one of the top performers in Las Vegas with a $27 Million doallr venue built just for him at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino. In July of 1980, barely three months after his 20th birthday, he became the first person to win magic's most coveted "Gold Medal Award for Excellence" from the International Brotherhood of Magicians and received magic's highest accolade two years later when he won the Grand Prix at the Federation International Society de Magic (F.I.S.M.) in Lausanne, Switzerland making him a "World Champion Magician." This made Lance both the first American to receive this honor as well as the first American performer to do so. Johnny Carson called Lance's performance on his show the "Best 12 minutes in magic." Who was Fletcher the Flamboyant? How did he inspire Lance? Lance joins us to discuss these and many other questions related to his career and the many influences that have helped to shape his magic.

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Johnny "The Great Tomsoni" Thompson is our guest on this episode of the Magic Newswire's Spirit of Magic Podcast. Johnny is much more than an extremely well respected performer and one of the funniest magicians performing today. He is also a much sought after magic consultant and has worked for such performers as Lance Burton, Penn & Teller and Criss Angel. In addition to talking about his career, Johnny talks about other performers including Herb Zarrow, Jay Marshall, Marshal Brodein, Francis Carlyle, Paul le Paul, Paul Rosini, Joe Bergen, Cardini, Channing Pollock, Carl Balentine, Al Koran, Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller.

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Beginning at 8:30 am EST on Monday Morning, David Blaine will be hoisted feet first above Central Park's Wollman Rink where he will hang upside down for sixty hours. The end of this endurance stunt, the subject of which has been hinted at but not revealed, will be the finale of his latest ABC special "Dive of Death" which will air at 9PM EST on ABC. I was invited to participate in a teleconference with David today during which he and his medical consultant discussed the challenges and dangers to David as he attempts this feat. David also discussed the experience of filming this special, his inspirations and the challenges that he will face over the course of the next week. Join us now on the Magic Newswire for our conversation with David Blaine!

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"International Man of Mystery" David Berglas is my guest on this episode of the Magic Newswire's "Spirit of Magic" podcast.  In his 2009 Enigma show brochure, Derren Brown describes David Berglas as "One of our greatest living magical performers" and thanks him "-for his constant inspiration and generosity. Each show is indebted to his artistry and astonishing body of work. Thank you David".  Known  within the magic community for his many creations, Berglas is best known for the effect named for him which allows for the prediction of Any Card at Any Number."  David was the first elected President of London's Magic Circle and has had the opportunity to perform for England's Royal Family, Winston Churchill and Paul Getty.

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Barrie Richardson may be one of magic's most soft spoken thinkers, but he has contributed a great deal to the art of magic an mentalism. With the 1990 release of "Theater of the Mind," Barrie became instantly synonymous with great mentalism. The release of his second book "Act II" continued his legacy. Barrie joins me on the Magic Newswire "Spirit of Magic" podcast to talk about his influences in magic including Ted Annemann whose JINX magazine will be celebrated in the October issue of Genii Magazine.

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Bill "The Triggerman" Kalush joins us on this episode of the Magic Newswire podcast. Bill founded the Conjuring Arts Research Center in 2003 which has on its' board several significant figures as David Blaine, Steve Cuiffo, Mike Caveney, and Philip Varrichio. Kaulush has been a close friend and associate of David Blaine since they first met in the early 1990's and has consulted with David on almost every television special that he has produced. Bill appeared on "David Blaine : Dive of Death" when he pulled the trigger on the rifle used in Blaine's bullet catch. In addition, Bill was the co-author of the bestselling biography "The Secret Life of Houdini : America's First Super Hero."

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