John Carney is no ordinary magician. John is a performer, creator, writer and philosopher when it comes to the art of magic and has received more awards from the Magic Castle than anyone else in their long history. Carney talks with us about his evolution as a performer and what it takes to be a truly good student of magic. His mentors included "The Professor" (Dai Vernon), Faucett Ross and many more legendary figures from the history of our craft. Carney's "Book of Secrets" is being re-released as well as a new DVD series that he developed with Jim Steinmeyer. 

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My guest on this episode is an entertainer considered by many to be the foremost Mentalist performing in the English language, Richard Osterlind. In addition to his many and varied performing credits, Richard is also the creator of several landmark effects of mentalism and has just released the much anticipated six DVD set on Corinda's Thirteen Steps to Mentalism in which Richard performs dynamic effects from each step of Corinda's seminal work in front of a live audience.

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Previous Magic Newswire podcast guest Max Maven returns to discuss his decision to resign as the Entertainment Director of the Magic Castle. As this information began to circulate on the Interwebs, I thought it best to call  Max in order to allow him to tell out listeners what the real story was before too many rumors began to circulate. In addition, he talks about this expereince booking acts for one of the most unusual clubs in the world.

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Max Maven makes a return appearance as my guest on this episode of the Spirit of Magic Podcast. Why has the first place prize for mentalism not been awarded at FISM since 1985 and then, not for eighteen years before that? Can mentalism even be successfully performed within the framework of a FISM competition? These are just a few of the topics that we touch on in this interview with one of our favorite mystery performers.

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Magic Cafe founder Steve Books joins me on this episode of the Spirit of Magic podcast. We discuss his early days in magic, the founding of the Magic Cafe website in the very early days of the internet and the many challenges and issues that he's had to deal with as they site has evolved over the years. In addition, we also discuss the launch of the new Tenyo Elite series of magic tricks and how that project came about.

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Chase Goforth, Scott Wells, Cameron Ramsay and I are joined on this episode of This Week in Magic podcast by magic creator, author and all around nice guy Jim Steinmeyer.  Jim helps us to explore the creative process of illusion design and also discusses a few of the many consulting projects that he has been involved in for companies like Walt Disney and the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. He also shares a few stories on how some of his creations have been abused and overused.  Join us now for a fantastic conversation with Jim Steinmeyer!

NOTE: This is a recently recovered podcast originall published on Jan 5, 2010

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As America's Premier Corporate Presentainer Paul Gertner has performed for more than 500 corporations in more than 20 different countries, has lectured at MIT and has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal... twice. A frequent guest on the Tonight Show Paul has also appeared on NBC's World's Greatest Magic, HBO, That's Incredible! In 1998 he wrote and starred in the critically acclaimed one-man theatrical production... "Paul Gertner-Ten Fingers." Now he's reached the pinnacle of his career by being a guest on the Magic Newswire's "Spirit of Magic" podcast.

(NOTE: This a recently recovered podcast which was originally posted on 2/4/10)

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Joanie Spina is our special guest on this episode of the podcast. If you're not yet familiar with Joanie, she acts as a performance coach to magicians, jugglers, dancers, singers, clowns, mimes, and actors. She offers a variety of services including theatrical direction, staging and/or choreography, individual performance coaching and promotional tape design and is best known to many as the co-director and choreographer for world renowned magician David Copperfield. If your demo tape does more traveling than you do, then sit back and enjoy the expert opinions of a master magic coach on This Week in Magic!

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