On this episode of "This Week in Magic," we are joined by an international panel of magicians  including Luis DeMatos, David Britland and Marco Tempest. Why are they all together on one show? To announce the world's first ever web conference for magicians, "The Essential Magic Conference!"  Thirty three  speakers presented over three days of streamed live worldwide.  Speakers include Cyril Takayama, Apollo Robbins, Barry & Stuart, Eric Mead, De'Vo, Gazzo, Gene Matsuura, Guy Hollingworth, Lennart Green, Topas, Richard Mcdougall, Richard Wiseman, Stan Allen, Paulino Gil, Paul Kieve, Mike Caveney, Miguel Angel Gea, James Freedman, Helder Guimaraes, Jason England, Gaetan Bloom, Dani DaOrtiz, Bill Kalush, Jason England, Ponta the Smith and Max Maven. Get more information and register to attend at EssentialMagicConference.com. Access passes are limited.

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