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Rudy Coby is back with a vengeance! After more than a decade away from magic, Rudy has returned to stage one of the most successful events in the history of the Magic Castle.  For one week only the Magic Castle is transformed into a wild laboratory where Mad Scientists battle the World's Greatest Magicians. Featured performers included Chris Kenner, Brian Brushwood, Andrew Mayne, Marilyn Manson and many more. Rudy is best known for the character that he plays on stage. "Labman" is a Scientific Superhero who claims to be a strange invader from this very planet. His original magic creations have brought him worldwide success with appearances in dozens of different countries including two primetime Fox-TV specials Rudy Coby: The Coolest Magician On Earth here in the US.  Rudy's renewed enthusiasm for magic is infectious and you are sure to rediscover your passion for the art after this episode of This Week in Magic.
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undefinedOn this very special episode of the Magic Newswire's "This Week in Magic" podcast we celebrate two major landmarks with two amazing magicians.  We begin with Nathan Burton who just celebrated his second year at the Flamingo in Las Vegas and his 500th performance at that venue. In addition, he recently began a series of shows headlining in Atlantic City which he stages every other weekend. As we approach the end of his segment, Nathan arrives at the home of Mac King where a veritable who's who of magic was gathered to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Mac King at Harrah's.  Mac also gets in on the action with a phone call in between serving his guests. If you want to know  who David Kaye may spoof next in one of his YouTube videos or are curious as to what happened to Lance Burton's truck, then this is an episode that you won't want to miss.
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On this edition of the Magic Newswire's Magic Newscast, John "Big Daddy Cool" Pyka reports from the ninteenth annual Battle of Magicians in Canton, Ohio.  Known for the dealer's "Hall of Fun," Hot Dog & Pizza eating contests and a tradition of free haircuts, teh Battle of Magicians attracts an outstanding cast of international magicians.  In the podcast, John interviews  event founder Tim Deremer, Woody Pitman, Mike Bishop, Michael P. Lair, Lion Flood, Jeff Hobson and Kalin & Jinger. 

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We follow Scott Wells excellent on site coverage from ground zero of the 40th Anniversary incarnation of Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic by interviewing the gathering's founder and this year's Guest of Honor, Obie Obrien.  Obie  has been it's organizer since the inception of the FFFF. In 1993-1994 Obie served as the President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and has served as a F.I.S.M. judge and currently runs their close-up shows. He was also the official Hockey scorer at the 1980 Olympic Games. Obie shares a bit of the back story of the event which this year attracted 22 FISM winners, magicians from 31 different states in the U.S., performers from 5 continents and 18 countries as well as 16 winners from major magic conventions.

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Scott Wells wraps up his coverage of the 40th annual FFFF convention honoring Obie Obrien by interviewing Bob Reas, Ed Ripley, Richard Hatch, Rocco, Bob Sheets, Geoff Williams, Obie Obrien, Boris Wild, Raj Madhok, Babel, Rick Merrill, Paul Gertner, Paul Norman, Howie Schwartzman, Tim Ellis and Charming Choy.

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On Day Three of FFF 2010, Scott Wells interviews Mark Fitzgerald, Marv Leventhal, Bill Malone, David Acer, Dan Garrett, Harry Monte, Rich Wilcox, Robert Jaegerhorn and gets a few jokes from Howie Schwartzman.

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Scott Wells continues his interviews from the 40th Anniversary of Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic. In this episode he talks with with Shawn Farquhar,  Geoff Williams, Jep Hostetler, Eric DeCamps, Oscar Muno, Tim Ellis, Rick Wilcox, Rolando Sanos and many more of the magicians in attendance. 

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Scott Wells brings Magic Newswire listeners to the 40th anniversary of Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic with daily interviews and reporting from the original closeup conference. In this episode, Scott chats with Richard Hatch,  Charlie Randall, Boris Wild, Tim Ellis, Mike Miller, Mark Desouza, Steve Bagatze, Roger Wicks, Rolando Santos, Brian Lancaster, John Luca, Gene Anderson, Obie Obrien and many more of  the attendees. Stay tuned for daily updates over the next few days and thanks to Scott for making this happen while attending this fantastic event!

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On this episode of the Magic Newswire's "This Week in Magic" podcast, Scott Wells, Chase Goforth, Cameron Ramsay, David Kaye & I are joined by Magicana's David Ben & Julie Eng.  This annual multi-disciplinary celebration of theatre, literature, music, food, dance, celebrations, visual arts, fashion, film will now feature magic. David & Julie are responsible for coordinating this unique event.  Scheduled performers include Spain’s Juan Tamariz who will perform one show each in Spanish, English, and French. Mentalist Max Maven will display his skill as a master mind reader, while Mac King will use his blend of magic and comedy to enchant viewers of all ages. In addition, Bob Sheets brings his own brand of manic comic showmanship to the streets of Toronto in a series of free performances. Among other topics, we also discuss some of the worst magic that our guests have ever witnessed. 

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Swedish card maestro Lennart Green has been baffling audiences for years with his chaotic style of magic. In 1991 he won the grand prize in close-up card magic from the International Federation of Magic Societies (FISM). He almost won at FISM in 1988 except for the fact that his act so fooled the judges that they were convinced that he had used stooges and disqualified him. His magic has taken him around the world and even led to his appearance on NBC's The World's Greatest Magic. I recently had the opportunity to meet Lennart when he was in Atlanta for the "Gathering for Gardner" and we discuss his interest in this unique gathering as well as his passion for magic in this episode of the "Spirit of Magic" podcast!
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