On this episode of "This Week in Magic," we are joined by an international panel of magicians  including Luis DeMatos, David Britland and Marco Tempest. Why are they all together on one show? To announce the world's first ever web conference for magicians, "The Essential Magic Conference!"  Thirty three  speakers presented over three days of streamed live worldwide.  Speakers include Cyril Takayama, Apollo Robbins, Barry & Stuart, Eric Mead, De'Vo, Gazzo, Gene Matsuura, Guy Hollingworth, Lennart Green, Topas, Richard Mcdougall, Richard Wiseman, Stan Allen, Paulino Gil, Paul Kieve, Mike Caveney, Miguel Angel Gea, James Freedman, Helder Guimaraes, Jason England, Gaetan Bloom, Dani DaOrtiz, Bill Kalush, Jason England, Ponta the Smith and Max Maven. Get more information and register to attend at EssentialMagicConference.com. Access passes are limited.

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David Williamson awoke one morning on his parents farm in Ohio and a cow was levitating out of the window. He looked down to see that she had already been milked. That's when he knew he would go into magic. Ever since that time, Dave has been trying to duplicate that feat.  Dave wanted you to know that as a child, he always wanted to be a professional magician. As an adult, David wants to be a doctor. For the past 20 years he has performed for every blue and gold banquet in America.  All kidding aside, David has done everything and been everywhere and has appeared on TV both nationally and internationally.  I was thrilled that David would take time from his busy schedule to visit with the listeners of the Magic Newswire's podcast and I am sure that you'll enjoy the journey that he takes us on in this episode.

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undefinedOn this episode of This Week in Magic,  we preview the first ever Magic-Con, the interactive conference for people that are serous about magic.  Magic-Con begins on Thursday March 18th.  Our guests on the show include conference presenters Daniel Garcia, "Handsome Jack"  John Lovick and Theory 11's Jonathan Bayme.  What is Magic-Con and why do we care?   Listen and you'll understand.

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My guest on this episode of the Spirit of Magic podcast is legendary close-up and bar magician JC Wagner.  We cover everything from his days working the Disney Magic shop with Steve Martin to his time working the bar with Bob Sheets and Doc Eason.  JC also share some of history with Dai Vernon, Eddie Fecter and other legends of the west coast magic scene.  If you wanna work magic in the bar, there is no better teacher to learn from than the amazing JC Wagner.

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Joanie Spina is our special guest on this episode of the podcast.  If you're not yet familiar with Joanie, she acts as a performance coach to magicians, jugglers, dancers, singers, clowns,  mimes, and actors.  She  offers a variety of services including theatrical direction, staging and/or choreography, individual performance coaching and promotional tape design and is best known to many as the co-director and choreographer for world renowned magician David Copperfield.  If your demo tape does more traveling than you do, then sit back and enjoy the expert opinions of a master magic coach on This Week in Magic!

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Raised in Chicago, Bill Malone discovered magic after a visit to a magic shop when he was seventeen.  Little did he know that this would eventually lead him to become a pupil of the legendary Ed Marlo and that he'd become one of the most popular performers working the magic bar scene in the Windy City.  Bill i s a recipient of the Merlin Award and has been featured on many network magic television specials.  Today, Malone is known for his many creative contributions to classic bar magic and is recognized for his versions of  such effects as the bill in lemon, card under glass, and Sam the Bellhop. In this episode of the "Spirit of Magic Podcast," Bill talks about the many great magicians that have inspired him and the people that he works with today to keep the creative juices flowing.

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We mix things up on this episode of This Week in Magic by inviting two totally different performers to join us on the podcast.  Doc Eason is one of the most expereinced bar magicians living today. He's performed in Snow Mass Colorado for more than 27 years, with a lengthy stint at John Denver's Tower Restaurant Magic Bar.  In addition, Doc was the recipient of the Academy of Magical Arts first every award for "Bar Magician of the Year"  in 2005. In 2008, they also named him Close-up Magician of the Year.   When he was 17, Levent was  awarded 1st Prize in the Stage Magic competition at the IBM National Convention. He never looked back, immediately taking a resort booking, performing on cruise ships and in theaters around the world. He is a noted creator of magic tricks and a magic lecturer as well as a vaudeville historian.  His most recent project is "Levent's Ultimate Guide to the Billiard Balls" in which he explores every aspect of this historic routine and recreates Cardini's famous presentation of the effect. 

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