In 2008, Neil Patrick Harris & Guy Hollingworth began a colaboration.  Following a sold out run at the Edinburgh Festival and a series of international shows culminating in a  sell-out success at the infamous Magic Castle in LA and an amazingly well received presentation at Stan Allen's "Magic LIVE," Guy Hollingworth begins a new presentation of  his acclaimed one man show, The Expert at the Card Table " in Los Angeles today.  In his one man show, Guy presents amazing exhibitions of card chicanerywhile telling a fascinating tale of trickery, deceit and death. Based on the book of the same name, The Expert at the Card Table tells the story of two boys whose innocent love of card tricks develops in adulthood into a dangerous game of hustles, street cons and murder. Published anonymously in Chicago in 1902, the book describes in great detail, original and brilliant methods for conjuring effects, whilst at the same time revealing the author's true intent, a full exposé of the underground techniques used by hustlers, card cheats and con artists.   This performance begins today, July 13th at the Edye at the Broad Stage and runs through August 7th. Buy your tickets NOW!

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In this episode of the Magic Newswire's "Spirit of Magic" podcast, my guest is best selling author and psychologist Ruchard Wiseman. My friend Brian Brushwood joined us to cohost.  Richard's most recent book release "In his latest book, Paranormality," Richard discusses how a disbelief into paranormal concepts like elepathy, fortune-telling and out-of-body experiences can produce insights into our brains, human behavior and belief systems.

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