What you are about to hear was intended to be the special Halloween episode of the Magic Newswire's "Spirit of Magic" Podcast.  Unfortunately, it was delayed by the fire that happened on Halloween at the Magic Castle and our interviews with those involved.  In spite of this, I am still thrilled to bring you this conversation with Dan Sperry about his new two year contract at the latest attraction to appear in New York City's Times Square, "Times Scare." Thanks again to Dan for joining us and please make time to support him by attending the show when you are in NYC!

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On October 31, 2011 (Halloween), at approximately the time that Harry Houdini died, the magic community learned that our American clubhouse, the Magic Castle, was on fire.  In this podcast, we catch up with Irene Larsen, Erika Larsen, West McDonough and Milt Larsen and are provided with an intimate an first hand look at what happened, the extent of the damage and what the future holds for the Castle. All of this on the eve of a soft re-opening of the site to members and guests.

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